Healthy Baby Bombs – aka muffins

Baby Led Weaning… oh what a wonderful world!

We have had an awesome experience with baby led weaning. Another post to come on things, courses & products I’ve found helpful these last few months!

Today, I just want to get this recipe typed up & passed on so we have more happy babies in high chairs!

I found this recipe in one of my google raids while trying to figure out how to be a momma.
I made them because they looked so easy.
Then, I kept making them, because Roux gobbled them up every time.


They take 5 minutes to prep.

They take 10 minutes to cook. 

Angels are signing.

BIG THANKS for the original recipe I found posted on

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I call these Baby Bombs.

  • They are little healthy bombs of nutrition.
  • Your baby can one hand them.
  • The mess is manageable.
  • The recipe is easy.
  • You may even have everything at home if you are an overachiever & keep pumpkin stocked.

I took a million pictures to show you the super simple steps! If you make them tag me on social media and tell me what your baby thinks!!
{IG: @brittanylegette Facebook:}


We started giving Roux these little baby bombs when he was new to baby led weaning. I started solids with him at about 6.5 months. He was devouring these by 8 or 9 months old. He LOVED avocado and banana so I knew this recipe had a good chance for approval. They are packed with healthy foods – and it makes things like avocado, pumpkin & banana easier to eat when they are little & still working on ‘dat pick up coordination.

baby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaning

Here is what you need:

  • 2-1/2 cups quick-cooking oats
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 cup pure pumpkin
  • ½ cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1 large banana, smashed (about ½ cup)
  • 1 medium avocado, smashed (about ½ cup)

baby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaning

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F. Grease a mini muffin pan lightly with non-stick cooking spray. You can grab one at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon Prime that baby. Set aside.

baby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaning

2. In a large bowl, mix together your dry ingredients – the oats, baking powder and cinnamon.

baby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaning 

3. Make a little hole in the middle of your bowl and add the pumpkin, applesauce, smashed banana and smashed avocado. Stir until it’s all combined.

baby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaning

4. Scoop batter out and divide evenly among the 24 mini muffin cups, filling each one completely full. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until set like a muffin. Do not over-

bake them. They should stay moist. You don’t want the tops to be browned – keep them soft so it’s easy for baby to eat.

baby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaning

baby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaning

baby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaning

5. When you take them out of the oven, let the baby bombs cool in the pan for at least 5 minutes before moving them to a wire rack to completely cool.

Be gentle with this process so they do not fall apart while they are still warm. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 7 days… or

for as long as your momma instincts say.

baby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaning

ENJOY THEM!! Don’t forget to tag me if you make them! I’d love to know how your baby likes them! Also, tell me if you make any variations of this!

baby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaningbaby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaning

baby, baby led weaning, recipe, healthy, breakfast, baby food, mom, new mom, easy, food, infant, babyled weaning, baby-led weaning


I’d love it if you left some comments for us! If more recipes & ideas like this would be helpful, tell us!!


80 Day Obsession – Post Partum + Breastfeeding Mom Test Group Journal

Well, hey. It’s been a while. I want to tell you about my 80 Day Obsession filming test group post partum journey… but first… an update…

Since I’ve blogged – I’ve gone through an IVF cycle. Carried a baby to 40 weeks. Endured an induction & medication free delivery (other than induction obviously). I’ve struggle through sleep deprivation while being obsessed with my newborn. I got back on the fitness wagon after my midwives cleared me at about 7 weeks. I participated in 2 different test groups for new at home fitness programs being released to the public. I exclusively breasted (still do) while following these programs an meal plans. Traveled a ton. Learned a lot about motherhood by trial and error. And… that basically brings me to now.

I’m a recent graduate of a home workout program called 80 Day Obsession. It releases to the public JAN 15th, 2018 – and I’ve been doing it since AUG 2017. I did one complete round – to the “TEE” – absolutely no cheats, no derailments. I breastfed the entire time. I added 500 calories to my meal plan as the test group nutritionist recommended. And I fell in love. I started out the plan eating in PLAN C – and you will see with the start of Phase 2 – I bumped up to PLAN D. When I started the program, I was a little past 6 months post partum. When I graduated the program – I was 9 months post partum.

Check out my video for NEW(er) MOMMY’S DOING 80 DAY OBSESSION:

This is a collection of my journey through my posts when I was allowed to announce it & share on FACEBOOK! Sort of a journal of photos. I hope you enjoy it! 


🔥 Its called 80 DAY OBSESSION 🔥

…. and oh my gosh. Just WAIT!!!

This is going to be an amazing opportunity for people. Our test group is ONE WEEK in and we are seeing amazing results and feeling muscles that we haven’t felt in a LONG TIME … if ever. We are using bands, sliders and weights and getting demolished in every workout – in the best way.

We are learning all about TIMED NUTRITION from Autumn and using her container system. So the meal plan is SIMPLE 👌🏻

I’m continuing to breastfeed so I bumped up in clean calories & will keep you posted on all of that!

Loren is so excited that he gets to dive in to this too because he LOVES Autumn workouts. Just this week he said many times how SORE he is and how awesome it is that Autumn can take such simple moves and make you work like crazy!

Was I nervous to say yes?
✔️Um yea.

I’m used to 3 weeks and then PIZZA & CANDY 😂
There is test group homework, meal prep, figuring out Roux’s schedule during the live workout, weekend habits, sleep deprivation …. post partum life.

…. it’s up to me to SHOW UP every single day to show what this program is capable of – that’s no easy task. No excuses in this arena.

But…. if I’m going to continue to make progress in my post partum journey – I need to keep challenging myself and stop playing small. It’s an absolute honor for us to be included in this brand new program AND concept. I will give it my all!

Get ready you guys! New equipment. New moves. New workouts. New timing. New concepts!

I’m so thankful for the 17lbs Shift Shop helped me lose. I cannot wait to watch my body transform. Loren has so much to contribute from a GUY’s perspective and as an athlete. We can’t wait to pass this on and pay it forward – helping THOUSANDS more gain freedom in their lifestyle 💕

We are obsessed.

I’m obsessed with living my best life and growing into who God created me to be. This is a part of it! Thank you Autumn & Beachbody! 👌🏻

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom

This was just an amazing 13 weeks.

The TIMED NUTRITION was a new concept for me. I was used to intermittent fasting – but THIS is not THAT. Not at all. Totally different thing.

This is an example of my Pre-Workout Meal ✔️

🍑 BOOTY WORKOUT 🍑 was ahead of me & these tacos… just amazing! I LOVED that I didn’t have to eat super boring food.

I always start my day with Shakeology because it’s just too busy with morning naps to do much of anything else. I blend. I drink. I spend quality time with Roux.

Then the next nap rolls around & I feel like I have a quick second to use my brain a little more when it comes to food 😜

Tacos. 🌮

If ya’ll know me – this is everything. My happy place.

Clean Tacos:
Corn Tortillas
Raw Spinach
Local Tomatoes
Lime Juice
Lean Ground Beef
Homemade Taco Seasoning

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom


Some days were chaos – and Roux’s naps didn’t alight. But we worked it out!

Being a part of the TEST GROUP – I got to workout with Autumn and the cast LIVE while they filmed it for the public. We streamed in to the studio gym. So, I had a SPECIFIC time I had to workout each day. Mommas, stay flexible 🙂

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom


80 Day Obsession :: Test Group Post Partum Progress Peek 👀

I’m “flexing” in both pictures, below.

Travel & treats got a little intense for me after Shift Shop and I was left with about 4lbs gained of bloat/fluff.

Two weeks into 80 Day Obsession and I’m down about 4lbs & getting my strength back for realzzz 👌🏻

I’m down a bunch of inches & just really proud of the commitment I’ve brought to these last 14 days. It’s hard to believe I haven’t craved any treats or pancakes … but it’s true! Probably because I get to have clean tacos still 🥑🌮

On to week 3!


80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom


Also… I mean… look at that little squishy baby!!


80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom


I’m not sure I’ve worked harder for something than this …. {maybe pregnancy is a close second lol}

These last few months + my post partum journey — they have almost broken me …. but in turn built me up. 👆🏼

I don’t see positive changes day to day. I just don’t. But every week or so … I look back and I can say … yep …. THIS IS WORTH IT! 👌🏻

💥We got this guys.
📆Day after day.
🙋🏼Show up
💦Sweat it out.
🌱Follow the meal plan.
✔️Organize the priorities the best you can!
Day 16/80

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom


Pursuing my own healthy journey is about more than just me.

It’s about being a present wife
It’s about modeling confidence for Roux
It’s about caring for this ONE body God has given me
It’s about personal challenge & overcoming mental blocks
It’s about being obsessed with a positive life & I can’t have that for long with an unhealthy body

My workout is scheduled.
I try my very best to line up Roux’s nap time with my workout.
I hired help some days for that block of time so that he’s well cared for & I get to keep this a priority.
Most likely everything else will fly away – as far as a schedule goes …. but not my workout.

I’m doing this for me because it’s IMPORTANT to my whole family. It allows me to be the kind of person I want to be & helps me to keep a tiny hold on my day.

It’s not about six packs and booty dimples for me.
It’s about a LIFE WELL LIVED…. and I gotta show up in order to make that possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Don’t be afraid to organize your schedule as best as you can so YOU get to take care of YOU too.

It’s the most selfless thing we can do. Take care of us so there is more of us to give.

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom


PRE – WORKOUT Meal : one of my favorites, again.

Whenever I thought of eating for FITNESS goals – I always thought of egg whites + plain oats + bland rice cakes.

{While there is a time for that type of food in someone’s fitness journey…}

I’m so glad that’s not on my menu. 😝

If your going to do this program – make sure you have heavy weights. Save up + add it to your wish list …. whatever. Get ready for OBSESSION and results …. because you’re gonna lift heavy! ✌🏼💦

TRIPLE A is today!

Remember …. Arms + Abs + 🍑ss 🤗

That’s been the best surprise so far for me…. this program has a big focus on booty & core /// but my arms have been pregnant for like a year. My arms are definitely leaning out again and rebuilding strength! Shift Shop got things started… 80 Day Obsession is adding to it big time 🤙🏼 thank goodness. 😂

I’m eating around 1800-2100 calories a day most days for those who were asking. I don’t count calories. I look at my meal plan, eat what it tells me to eat & use my containers for portion measurements. Really simple 👌🏻 (I add 500 calories for breastfeeding)

This program isn’t releasing on DVD  …. just for my On Demand members. If you’re still looking to stream workouts and save money on your annual membership reach out 💥🖥

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom, meal plan


I was completely spent, every day. My body hadn’t worked that hard in …. I don’t know if ever. We wrapped up Week 3 of this program & I couldn’t wait to show my progress pictures!

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom

I invited all my chins to the garage this day 🤣

I’m all about science. I enjoyed seeing pictures of the eclipse & keeping the weather channel on during this workout 🌘

My reality that day included crushing my hour workout in the garage & juggling baby naps + nursing + timed nutrition & making sure no one’s retinas burst.

I listened to podcasts + personal development while Roux napped… in between answering emails, checking in with my challengers on our app, laundry & dishes {oh the dishes!}.

My career as a coach is so flexible. The hard part is just being FLEXIBLE, myself. I’m a full time momma – in a very structured FITNESS TEST GROUP – running 2 monthly virtual fit camps a month & leading a large 7k organization of other entrepreneurs ….. but FLEXIBILITY & DISCIPLINE with the small things is where I focus!

If I wasn’t a coach – I wouldn’t have the personal health accountability & I wouldn’t have the fulfillment I feel when I do something like this every day for ME ….

▪️Show up in my garage
▪️Be a mess
▪️Relate to other women
▪️Share normal ideas and day to day victories & struggles
▪️Be MOMMY first

…. do you feel fulfilled?

….. do you remember a time when you felt fulfilled? Was it when you FELT good? FELT healthy? I’d bet YES for most people.

Do you need help?
Reach out!
I’d love to connect with you! 💕

PS: idk why these moves look so easy yet are so BRUTAL!  Conquering post partum one day at a time.


80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom



Today’s workout was GOOD FOR THE SOUL. I didn’t get past round ONE before I was covered in sweat and begging for a break.

For the past couple years, most of my home workout programs have been 21 days long.

Today, was day 22 of 80 Day Obsession.

I’m actually surprised I don’t have cravings yet. I’d tell ya!!

In the past … Day 22 was all about snapping my “AFTER” photos and then heading out for some pancakes or chocolate chip cookies. But not today…

Today I sweat it out in my garage during nap time & crushed a serious BOOTY workout. Those bands… they will really shock you!

REFEED DAY is coming in a couple weeks – I can have pancakes then. I’ll tell you more about that as we get closer. I don’t want to torture myself 😜

For now, I’m going to challenge myself & see what happens when I DON’T cave. It’s not really about what I CAN or CANNOT have. I want to see what happens when I put my willpower to the test & allow this program to do what it’s designed to do!! I want to see what happens if I DON’T STOP where I’ve always stopped or paused before.

As of Day 22: I’m down 7-8lbs and MANY inches… including over 1.5 inches on EACH THIGH. Yep… also happily surprised by that. 🙋🏼

Also… get this… I’ve NEVER dreaded a workout. Not once! Every workout is DIFFERENT! For ALL 80 days! So I am ALWAYS looking forward to it – the new moves, the new flow, the new intensity. It’s brilliant.

I can’t wait for my team & my challengers to get their hands on this program!!

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom


CARDIO was a brutal adjustment for me – like, really… don’t sign me up.

But, I honestly learned to love it. So darn weird how that happens.

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom 80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom

We are what we repeatedly do. 🔛
Success is a habit, not a skill. ✔️

Today marks 28 days into our journey with 80 Day Obsession. This challenge has shaped me in more ways than one already!

It’s been a full time commitment & I’m OBSESSED!

▪️I’ve never done the same workout twice, so I’m never bored.
▪️I have a specific plan telling me what to eat – how much to eat – and when to eat it.
▪️ I’ve lost 9lbs and 11 inches in less than 30 days while eating a LOT and committing to my home workout every single day.
▪️ I’ve lifted heavy, learned new moves & how to use resistance loops, and I’ve taken my eating habits to a new level with timed nutrition.

I think this program is going to help so many people bust through old habits, plateaus, and really help people see what they are capable of. It’s been an honor to be a test group participant. I’ve given this program my all and when it’s released in January, so many people are going to reach new personal goals.

That is so exciting to me!! 🤗

Here we go PHASE 2!

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom


Today started PHASE TWO which means all new routines, moves, & order of workouts. I moved up a calorie bracket too …. so MORE food!

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom

Solving the nursing boobs workout dilemma one crop top at a time

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom


Autumn told us to grab “medium weights” for phase 2’s Total Body Core.

I grabbed 20’s & 15’s.

Um. No. 🙅🏼

10’s were incredibly challenging today!

All new moves. None of us knew what was coming today. An hour of lifting & compound movements that made my entire body shake and sweat.

If I’m going to workout … this is the kind of workout I want! Make it WORTH IT to wash my hair 💁🏼 haha!

You guys.

When I started working out again after Roux – I was 7 weeks post partum. Loren and I did the original 21 Day Fix to kind of warm up again. Holy humbling. I couldn’t hold a plank. My core has always been the strongest part of my body – but that big ‘ol belly caused more than a few things to shift.

I had to carefully and slowly work back to holding planks longer than ten seconds {not exaggerating}. Today… my core is STRONG and I was so proud of each move that I held properly!! VICTORY!

It took time.
It took starting out slow.
It took doing one home program after another.

I’ve still got plenty of improvements to make … but I’m getting there!!

Post Partum moms – I know it sucks to see your core so weak and shaped differently. I know. But just keep at it. One home workout program & correct form at a time. We will all get there.

Hands down my favorite workout of 80 Day Obsession so far! I can’t wait to see how we improve over these next four weeks in phase 2!!

We only have about 8 weeks left of this program!

Roux only wants momma today. So, quick shower and back to nursing my piglet 🙆🏼🐽

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom

Saturday’s CARDIO FLOW 🔥

Adding in two extra reps to every move for PHASE TWO seems simple enough …. until you’re doing all the animal moves.



The workout that sneaks up on you 😅

I wanted to stay in my jammies all day and keep watching the HARDKNOCKS …. but then I reminded myself that this program is changing more than just my body.

Yea. I’ve lost 11lbs in 5 weeks. But I’ve regained so much strength and confidence. It’s an absolute PRIVILEGE to be a member of this test group because I GET TO show people that when you commit to it fully …. this program WILL change you.

It’s as simple as that.

And then we chug ENERGIZE and do the thing.

The End.


{Hey you guys…. if you slack on the meal plan, your results are gone slack. Keep it in check this weekend. Worth it!}

80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom


ENTER: REFEED DAY! {angels singing!}

I’M IN BURGER HEAVEN : and I can’t believe this is part of my program 🙆🏼🍔

👉🏻 MENTAL BOOST 👈🏻 for sure!

… and I still have to eat one more meal tonight 🍴🥗🍪

Day 38 of 80 Day Obsession is one of my favorites so far 🙊

Tomorrow is LEG DAY and I am very curious to see if I feel terrible tomorrow or great 😂

Refeed Day, 80 Day Obsession, post partum, fitness, new mom, newborn, fit mom

Some days you just need a really good work out with one of your besties 🐶

Yesterday I had meal plan approved : cookies, brownies, tons of fruit & a take out burger.

Today I feel : amazing, energized, & focused.


Leg Day done!

I probably could’ve lifted 5lbs heavier on most moves. That’s both disappointing & exciting. I know to push myself a bit more next week.

Funny thing…. this is the first workout I’ve done in MONTHS when I didn’t have my performance line plant based hydrating drink…. and it’s the first time my calves cramped up during hamstring curls 🤔

Hurry Fed Ex Friend 📦📬

We absolutely crush the Performance Line in this house every month 🏡🤷🏼‍♀️ We’ve got goals!

I think every athlete and every ACTIVE person should regularly consume the performance line!


Sometimes you just gotta do it for YOU …

…. and that new booty 🍑

:: get ready to conquer the loops in this program guys! ::

80 Day Obsession, booty, new mom, postpartum, fit mom, meal plan, lose weight, newborn

☀️ I’ve officially lost my pregnancy AND IVF weight gain as of today. Now to build more muscle back.
80 Day Obsession, post partum, postpartum, IVF, fit mom, fitness, lose weight , new mom, newborn



Above all else ….. I didn’t FEEL like myself.

It has never been all about feeling confident in a bikini necessarily for me. It’s about feeling confident in my own skin.

No matter what I look like on the OUTside … that confidence in my own skin comes from ME knowing I am doing MY BEST in taking care of MYSELF.

It’s the effort and commitment that matters the most to me. That’s what makes me feel confident and makes me feel like myself. Don’t you agree? Can’t you remember a time where you felt GOOD about the way your health took priority? Or maybe you never have and you’re just tired of feeling like junk.

The programs that Beachbody creates just happen to give you incredible results WHEN you follow them & stay committed. R E S U L T S.

It’s a B Y – P R O D U C T ✌🏼

The time between these pictures is S I X weeks.

Imagine what you could personally accomplish in 15 weeks!!

Post partum women : don’t count yourselves out! I’ll help you through it all! ☀️

I can’t wait to see what my commitment allows my body to do over the next 6 weeks. I want more women to do this with me! I’m all in. 💁🏼

80 Day Obsession, new mom, postpartum, post partum, fit mom, fitness, weight loss, IVF, newborn


Do you guys want to hear something super embarrassing?

Why not right? 😜

Sit tight for a quick story 📚

As a woman, I do my best not to pick my body apart … I often fail … but I try nonetheless.

There’s one thing though that has always bothered me.


I’m talking about having memories of this bothering me back in MIDDLE SCHOOL.

My knees.


It sounds so dumb to “say out loud” but it’s true.

My knees!!

They have almost ALWAYS carried some of my fluff …. right there around the ‘ol knee cap.

Since MIDDLE SCHOOL I’ve been in my own head about this. My thicker thighs didn’t prevent me from feeling comfortable in shorts …. MY KNEES DID! 😜

I’ve always had to work really hard for physical progress in my lower body. Just how it is. 🤷🏼‍♀️

There was ONE TIME in my adult life that I remember being proud of my legs. ONE TIME.

And that was when I did two back to back rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme with a very dialed in competition meal plan.

The one time I wore shorts proudly.

Now… I’m doing 80 Day Obsession and I know for SURE this program is torching my leg fat. And specifically my knee fat 😂

Courtesy of the countless forms of lunges & creative use of sliders!!

We just have to put in the work & ask ourselves…

What do I hate more??

A TOUGH workout or KNEE FAT?! 😜😂🤷🏼‍♀️

Don’t worry : I’m always working on my mindset too 👌🏻

Day 42 LEG DAY : done ✔️

80 Day Obsession, new mom, postpartum, post partum, fit mom, fitness, weight loss, IVF, newborn

I felt like my body was breaking down during this workout.

I went into it ready, fueled, energized & focused.

But then …..

💦 sweating profusely
🏋🏼‍♀️ lifting heavy because it’s a 15×2 week
🐠 grip felt slippery
💥 forearms giving out
📿 bands twisting & flipping

…. today was an incredibly CHALLENGING workout for me – both physically and mentally.

Just. Freaking. Hard.

And it was BOOTY day too! Who would have thought your heart rate could get so high in a booty routine?! Autumn knows what’s up.

I finished this workout – but not only that, I brought my best – nailed every rep – kept good form.

I’m OBSESSED because I’m CHALLENGED and that’s how we grow! 🌱

We are making a few small adjustments to my meal plan – excited to continue testing this program out to see all that it’s capable of!

Day 45 of 80 Day Obsession done ✔️

Just because you’re challenged doesn’t mean you quit 🙅🏼


It’s just not about putting things off until there are perfect conditions.

ACT your way into feeling MOTIVATED & then that MOTIVATION will GROW into more ACTION! 👌🏻

80 Day Obsession, post partum, postpartum, new mom, fit mom, newborn, healthy, IVF

Hey Roux,

Poke my eyes out anytime you want – as long as it’s followed by your sweet kiss! 😘


PS: Roux gets his knees from momma 😂

Day 49/80 done!


Wrapped up PHASE 2 with Day 50’s CARDIO FLOW! Ah! 50 days DONE ✔️!!

…. and of course we are running late as we head to our local quarterly Beachbody event 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s always chaos before you travel isn’t it? 🤣Roux got a nap in …. and that’s kind of the most important thing 😂👌🏻

Happy Baby = Happy Mommy
Happy Mommy = hopefully a Happy Daddy 🤞🏼
{he gets grumpy when we are running late} 🤣

80 Day Obsession, fit couple, post partum, new parents, postpartum, IVF, new mom, newborn

— AND WE TRAVELED (twice) – this time, we were in Boston for a WEEK living in a hotel and stayed on plan 100%!

I live in a world where I can …

🌱Choose to enjoy an amazing opening keynote with 12 of our team’s leaders

🌱Stick to my nutrition & workout commitment

🌱… and make it back to nurse my baby & sing him to bed.


“People who have the highest feeling of belonging – have the courage to stand alone.

Belonging is not something you negotiate with a group of people. It’s something you carry inside of you. It’s not up to other people.”

I choose to stand courageously & live my life with JOY

80 Day Obsession, post partum, travel, postpartum, new mom, IVF


80 Day Obsession, travel, post partum, fitness, fit mom, IVF


Pushing play at 10pm in an empty gym before a travel day tomorrow. 🤜🏻🤛🏽

If you struggle with confidence …. try making a commitment & following through. I bet you’ll feel that healthy confidence build! 👆🏼

Day 56 : BOOTY … I’m coming for you! 🔥

80 Day Obsession, new mom, fitness, post partum, postpartum, IVF, fit mom

🙆🏼Today is our 60th workout.
🌱60-something days of this meal plan.
👶🏼8.5 months of exclusive breastfeeding.

When I first think about that : I think well…. that’s kind of a long time.

But is it?

60 days out of your year? Is that really that long to transform your body?

Or in my case – RE transform my body and start to see post partum core strength again!

PHASE 3 of 80 Day Obsession is legit. It’s tough. But again, not in a way that makes you feel like you’re beating yourself up.

The meal plan : it’s been challenging from the start – because it’s a plan. Not a free for all.

That’s where I see so many people lose traction in their results. Their nutrition.

I was talking to my sister last night. She was asking about the program and how I liked it. I told her, yea I mean it may be nice to just go order a pizza or some yummy thing off of a menu without thinking of timed nutrition or my container pairings. Like that would be a little mental break …. for like a day 🤣 …. the truth is though – once you accept this way of living as a lifestyle, like it’s just something you DO – like brushing your teeth – you won’t feel deprived. I don’t have cravings for junk… I truly don’t!

It’s important to do our programs + meal plans all the way through as they were INTENDED to be followed so that you can really see what’s possible! Then, after you’ve completed it all the way through once – sure, be flexible on the meal plan and find your every day balance.

This program has brought me back. It complimented every other home program I completed in my post partum journey & it’s getting me back to ME. 16lbs down since starting this program & down 64lbs since having Roux!

That’s worth the discipline.
I’m obsessed with following through & seeing what this program can do.

20 more workouts until I can say I am one of the first ever 80 Day Obsession transformations!

Post Partum GAME CHANGER! 👌🏻🔥
My body is changing because I’m following the plan and working REALLY hard. Let yourself experience that!!

80 Day Obsession, IVF, post partum, postpartum, fit mom, new mom

Cardio Core in Phase 3 is challenging & fun somehow. I’ve never been one to like cardio – but when you pair it with core … I like it!

80 Day Obsession, fit couple, family fitness, IVF, postpartum, post partum, new mom



Leg Day in Phase 3 in a 10×3 just may be one of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done when you lift heavy enough.

Sweat dripping off my elbows.
Sweat dripping off my eyebrows.
Through my headband.
…. grossed out yet?

I opened up my #NewMommyTribe this week to over 100 moms and this first free group is all about new mommy nutrition. Today we are chatting about hydration and all the ways your body needs you to stay hydrated. Funny because, I easily sweat enough to fill a gallon bucket today.

I’ll be drinking extra HYDRATE for breastfeeding support today for sure 👌🏻💦

I could not be more thankful for this journey.
I will never ever ever ever regret all this hard {freaking} work I’ve invested in myself post partum. Not because of a flatter tummy. But because I needed this. I needed to see {again} that I could do this. I needed to show myself that showing up every day and trusting the process really DOES work.

I needed to do it so I could show other women that they can do it too.

Down 66 flippin’ pounds & PROUD AS CAN BE! 🗣🏔🙌🏻


80 Day Obsession, post partum, postpartum, IVF, new mom, fit mom

This is just a friendly reminder :

💁🏼 you CAN lose the weight
🌱 you CAN learn to enjoy healthy living
🤓 you CAN achieve success
🤹🏻‍♀️ you CAN be wife + momma + leader
✈️ you CAN travel & experience the world
🚧 you CAN do hard things
🌳 you CAN build a family legacy
🎡 you CAN develop new habits
🍹 you CAN have a social life
🕊 you CAN inspire others
🦏 you CAN be resilient
💅🏼 you CAN treat yourself
❤️ you CAN choose not to give up

… being a “little ‘ol” Beachbody coach taught me all the things & showed me I could blow the lid off of the limitations I created for my own success & fulfillment.

Week ELEVEN is done. 2 weeks left of round one of 80 Day Obsession.

We heard a quote last night that really resonated with me. In my post partum fitness journey + building our 7 figure business …


So… there’s that! 🙆🏼

New coaches joining our team from US + CANADA + now the UK  … what an exciting time to get in shape – do meaningful work – and change the course of your family’s future with financial independence.

New virtual challengers : ya’ll are blowing us away with your commitment! We are so lucky to get to do these home workout programs right alongside you guys!


If only you had the time to hear all the ways I considered pushing off my workout or just doing it tomorrow or something.

Nothing wrong with that. Life requires flexibility.

But for me – it was important to me to get it done. And that’s all the reason I need. Because it’s important to me.

Jet lag / no sleep 😴
Baby needs momma at all times 👶🏼
Have to go to a new gym for weights 🚖

I definitely wanted to crawl in bed for the first time in a couple days for a good rest. But here I am – throwing my excuses to the side & just getting it done.

Feels good.

We can either be committed to our commitment or make excuses for our excuses.

9 workouts left until we are official graduates of round one of 80 Day Obsession!

Now for a quick post workout meal & SLEEP!!! 🇬🇧

JET LAG : the secret to parents having time on their hands. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️

We cooked & ate a healthy breakfast (twice)
Coffee. (That was warm still)
Checked in to our businesses.
Brainstormed a new idea.
Got dressed.
Momma did hair AND makeup.

✌🏼 didn’t have to choose today 😂

Now we wait for the baby cub to stir & we’re off!
…. like a herd of turtles

80 Day Obsession, travel, healthy, test group, London, UK, team Beachbody, fit family, fit mom, new mom, IVF, postpartum, post partum

hey… it’s working. ✌🏼

Welcome to the OBSESSED LIFE.

10:40pm London time & pressing play. But the light caught this baby bicep and I obviously had to document it!

Byeeeee arm fat 👋🏻!

We are basically still on Virginia time for Roux’s sanity 😂 … so we are all messed up but we roll with it!

Total Body I’m coming for you! ⚡️

80 Day obsession, post partum, postpartum, IVF, new mom, test group

The second half of that BOOTY workout makes you want to yell obscenities 🤣

PHASE THREE of #80DayObsession is COMPLETE & all we have left is a special week from Autumn Calabrese starting on Monday – then we are official program test group graduates!

Holy Wow that flew by! I’m so glad I said ‘yes.’ Even though it was physically tough and mentally more challenging. The 74 days have past & I’m better for it.

Day 74 was done today & I really do look forward to next week!

I’m RSVP-ing a bunch of girls as my official challengers for our virtual challenge group in November and I’ll come back on to share how many spots I have left! You gotta join us before the year ends!

🎧What would you accomplish in your health and fitness if no obstacle stood in your way?

🎧What if you lost those 10-20lbs?!

🎧What if you felt confident & proud heading into the holidays?!

Do it with me!

80 Day Obsession, post partum, test group, postpartum, new mom, IVF


Beyond exhausted from a week’s worth of little sleep + woke up this morning in London & ending the day in Virginia Beach … 😴

So I’m just counting to 3 & pressing play on day one of PEAK WEEK!

Decisions are OURS to make and WE can do HARD THINGS 🙋🏼


I was honored to host a live video stream with my fellow test group friends for the majority of these last 80 days & we are closing this program out together!! We started this together & we are finishing together!

You guys … when we were asked to be a part of the test group the code name was ADD – we had no idea what that meant or who the trainer was!

No clue!

Words couldn’t describe how thankful I am to Autumn Calabrese for creating such an incredible program! So I’m wearing my pineapple headband in honor of her & the crew today!


BOOTY DAY 80 is going down now! I cannot believe it!

80 Day obsession, test group, official, new mom, postpartum, post partum, IVF, new mom, fit mom

We’re so happy about today 🙋🏼🙋🏼‍♂️ haha!

▪️Final progress pictures for mom + dad to wrap up & document our first round of this amazing workout program we tested out.

▪️Church & family breakfast!

▪️ … and pizza + pumpkins tonight! 🍕

Completing this program means more to me than I can probably put into words but I’m going to try.

This was much more than a weight loss journey. These 80 days were incredibly challenging. Physically, yes. But, even more so mentally.

First I have to share something. Loren was super fit before starting this program. He could have easily just cheered me on from the sidelines. He could have just loosely followed the workout calendar or meal plan. But instead – he was 200% in with me. As if HE was the one with weight to lose in order to get healthy again. He treated this seriously and to me, that was the biggest support. He made this part of the journey that much better because our house wasn’t divided. We had one goal. One mission. And we absolutely crushed it together.

For the first two weeks of this program – both of my legs were covered in bruises. Those loops look innocent but there was a lot of frustration to work through with those suckers. My body was hurting. So sore. Every single day.

Timed nutrition on its own is a challenge. Timed nutrition as an exclusively breastfeeding mom is a whole new level of challenge. I conquered that. I did it to show other nursing moms that they do not have to limit their fitness and nutrition experience because of nursing. I added 500 calories to my diet & skipped “peak week nutrition” and my supply was amazing. I think that speaks volumes about the amount of CLEAN WHOLE FOODS we eat to fuel us in this program.

There were times when I just ate whatever was in the fridge and fit my plan. I ate cold broccoli many days. I had spinach with virtually every meal. I followed THE PLAN. No excuses. And that’s why I got results.

We traveled.

We stayed in a hotel for a WEEK in Boston while attending all day conferences. We ordered groceries and stuffed them in our mini fridge. We ate raw spinach every day + sweet peppers and skipped the desserts and Italian foods.

We traveled to ENGLAND for a week and stayed on plan! We booked a flat instead of a hotel so that we could cook our own food. Again, we went to the grocery store. We made a choice. Full disclosure : Loren did enjoy Fish & Chips on our last night in London – but that was it!

We got a membership to ANYTIME FITNESS for the week and I worked out at 11pm London time almost every night while Roux napped & put him to bed at 2am London time. He was sick and just wanted to stay on American time. So we made it work. Not a single workout or meal missed.

I’ve felt frustrated with my weight loss journey postpartum most days. But I will tell you… having the WEIGHT to lose made me take this 80 Days so seriously. I knew I couldn’t “afford” to cheat and still make the progress I wanted to make. So, that meant I was all in – the whole time.

That commitment reminded me of my first program I did in 2013. It was a 90 day program. P90X. I committed to the entire 90 days. No cheats. No skips. Graduated that program ON my birthday. That commitment built a healthy confidence inside of me that I had been missing.

This program did the same.

Sure. Treats and coffees and delicious meals out while we traveled would have been fun. Being flexible about what I ate when feeling so sleep deprived would have been convenient

But NOTHING tops the satisfaction I feel when I’ve followed through with something & completed what I set out to complete.


The food will be there. The memories don’t have to revolve around food. I proved that to myself these last 3 months.

Loren and I were looking at pictures last night & I came across a picture of me during our SHIFT SHOP workout. I was about 4 months postpartum.


Seeing my body change the way it has these last 5 months is emotional for me.

Because I have never worked so hard for something in my life. I have worked my 🍑 off every single day. And it made me cry! Because of how freaking hard it’s been.

That’s the thing though. I can now say – it NEEDED to be this hard for me in order for me to learn what I’ve learned and in order for me to experience what I’ve experienced. It had to be hard. I couldn’t be a bounce back mommy and still learn what I’ve learned.

I appreciate my body more than I ever have. Ever.

I’m so proud of myself. I don’t need anyone to tell me whether or not my “Beachbody programs” work or not. Don’t need their opinions.

No one can ever take my personal story away from me.

Every program I’ve ever committed to has worked. Because I’ve worked. My body responded. But only after my mind decided what it was going to do.

My MAIN hope in sharing my story and my journey is that a handful of women would just go for it. Would move out of their own way and see what happens when they really commit to something. If it’s your health and fitness journey – join my family. Do it with me. Why not? What do you have to lose?

You still enjoy foods and treats. You just stay focused and dial it in for seasons at a time.

80 Day Obsession was that season for me. It was 100% worth the commitment.

Thanks you guys for all your support during these last 80 days.

80 Day Obsession, fit family, fit mom, new mom, IVF, post partum, postpartum

80 Days of home workouts during nap time.

👇🏻19lbs. 👇🏻20+inches

I have more angles & progress photos I will share over this next week – but here is the most real-life, selfie mirror, bruised leg, walking out of my bedroom view of what this 80 Day COMMITMENT did for me.

I shared a bit of my journey this morning – so I will keep this one short.

When I finally decide to do something, I do it …. ’til the death. The interesting thing about this decision – I never once dreaded a workout. I enjoyed the whole process. So much so, that I didn’t want it to end.

That’s the weird part about this whole thing – in the beginning I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to 80 days. In the end, I wished it was 160 days.

Sometimes you just have to get started. You have to push out all the other thoughts + doubts and just put one foot in front of the other.

The more action you take — the more motivated you feel.

If you want to join us as and tackle a round of 80 Day Obsession with us…

SIGN UP HERE! , we would absolutely LOVE to have you join our online fit clubs! I would be honored to coach you through it!

Women: we can do this. Your body deserves it. Your family needs you to be healthy & happy! You will AMAZE yourself!

The decision is yours. Let me hand you the tools to transform your life! 🙋🏼

Lots of love & respect. Let’s continue to root for one another! I can’t wait to help HUNDREDS of women through this program!

80 Day Obsession, final results, official test group, Brittany LeGette, new mom, IVF, infertility, post partum, postpartum, new mom, breastfeeding, meal plan, milk supply

80 Day Obsession, final results, official test group, Brittany LeGette, new mom, IVF, infertility, post partum, postpartum, new mom, breastfeeding, meal plan, milk supply


80 Day Obsession, final results, official test group, Brittany LeGette, new mom, IVF, infertility, post partum, postpartum, new mom, breastfeeding, meal plan, milk supply

DREAMS require a person to S T R E T C H, to go beyond average.

You can’t reach for a dream and stay safely mediocre at the same time.

🙅🏼‍♀️ The 2 are incompatible.

When we are too UNINSPIRED to dream, when we SETTLE FOR AVERAGE, we may be tempted to blame it on others, on our circumstances, on the system. But the truth is that ….


Ouch! {I am ALWAYS learning from John Maxwell!}

We all have dreams. Which ones have you buried lately?

I’m a dreamer & a doer. Sometimes we go through phases of growth & seasons of drought.

🌱 I choose to grow & reach & stretch.

I hope to encourage more women to do the same.
I hope you’ll join me. REACH OUT. I would love to help you.



Follow me on Facebook.
Join me on Instagram Stories: @brittanylegette


You got this.

NEW YEAR – Fitness Challenge Group!

Hey friends!! My next VIRTUAL Fitness Challenge Group is here!! Just in time for your NEW YEAR goals!!

{oh my gosh… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S GOING TO BE 2017!?!!?}

Don’t do FITNESS alone!!

I want to be your WING-GIRL!!! 🐥

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You know why?

Because, even though there are so many HEALTHY ways to reach fitness goals – none mattered for me until I had the right support. I wasn’t SUCCESSFUL in MY personal fitness goals until I had a NORMAL person showing up with me; someone I was accountable to. My results (here & in every fitness picture of mine for the last 3.5 years) have been 100% due to HOME workout programs, easy clean eating & challenge groups!

Its not really about the weight. Its not really about the meal prep. Its about diving into an environment that helps you change your LIFESTYLE and live WELL from the inside — out!

I want to invite you to my next online fitness group. I’m dedicated to supporting my challengers, holding them accountable, offering tips + advice, and MOST IMPORTANTLY – helping them GET RESULTS!

It’s so exciting to watch my challengers month after month – not only reach their fitness goals – but feel CONFIDENT as they follow through with what they SAY they will do!

Coolest part for me, is I am in a different season of life than I have ever been. BUT… my fitness & commitment to healthy living is as strong as ever! So, I am doing this right along with you.

What are the details? Simple!

1. I’ll help you pick your home workout program
2. Pick a flavor for your superfood smoothie
3. Tell me your goals
4. Show me your commitment
5. Change your life!!

I’m so excited because my next group is starting SOON – so if you want to hop on board with us & DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT — fill out this form to talk details!


The YEAR is ENDING – and the NEW YEAR is here!! Do you have a plan!? Get a head start with me.

What a great way to start of a brand new year, a CLEAN SLATE!! Taking CARE of yourself is the best gift you can give yourself & your family wants you HAPPY for a long time!!

I have 10 spots left – first come basis!! So hurry up & reach out!!

*This is only for those NOT working with a coach already. I’m looking forward to chatting with you & helping you reach your goals!!

New Beachbody Coach Mentorship!

I’m looking for ten new coaches to mentor! New Coach Training is here!

Let me ask you a potentially touchy-subject question:


– more bills
– more overtime
– more chaotic schedules

– OR –

– more adventure
– more quality time
– more choice

For me, three years ago, even considering more TIME with my family felt like the biggest joke. It felt like I was taught to accept that – THAT’s NOT HOW IT WORKS. You don’t get to CHOOSE when you see your family. You don’t get to CHOOSE how you spend your time together.



success, Beachbody, top coach, entrepreneur, health, coach, trainer, team, help, join, sign, Core de Force, Beachbody, Team Beachbody, 15 Star, Millionaire, Work from home, successful, tip

I became a proud Beachbody Coach. I used Beachbody programs & Shakeology to get healthy MYSELF and then committed to helping OTHER PEOPLE get healthy, too.

I reached a point where I was DONE sitting in the bleachers of my OWN LIFE. I know what its like to be trapped in a schedule. I left that & became my own boss. I know what its like to be WITHOUT choice & with little TIME to spend doing what was important to me. My family’s vision has ALWAYS been set on what we can DO to create a LIFE our family LOVES – which to us, is being TOGETHER. HELPING PEOPLE IS WHAT WE CAN DO!

If you have your family’s future planned – and you are LOOKING forward to it – love your career – and are in the process of making memories now – I am so HAPPY for you, genuinely.

But, if that’s not you – WHY haven’t you considered joining me? If I could put it bluntly:


The truth is – my LIFE has CHANGED, and is changing increasingly every month. My family will never be the same – and that’s because of my team & the people we help. I HAVE to share that. I know there are people like me out there who need to see a NORMAL girl – pursuing her family’s DREAM – and creating a life that she never thought would ACTUALLY happen – until it did! I’m here to help you do that for YOUR family.

3.5 years ago, I signed up as a coach with a fitness & health company called Beachbody to get a 25% discount on the products that helped me lose 15lbs (FINALLY! Something that worked!)

Little did I know – 3.5 years later – that because of the people I GET to HELP everyday – I would be living a life of SECURITY, FREEDOM and HOPE! I live my life by design and get to help other people do the same! I make my own schedule, I spend my day according to MY vision, not according to someone else’s schedule. I have FREEDOM of choice & FREEDOM of time. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! I am AVAILABLE when my child is born – no maternity leave needed. This business goes far beyond the financial benefit – but that was such a MASSIVE part of our struggle – and that burden is now lifted. WHY NOT YOU?

My FULL TIME JOB is to mentor you & show you how to run your own business. If you are reading this & you hear that little voice – and your gut is telling you to GO FOR IT – join us! I want to hear from you. I’m starting a brand new Coach Mentorship training for my new 2016 coaches in a couple weeks.

CLICK the link below – go to the bottom of my website & fill out that little form – I will send you some more info on joining my team! I can’t wait to help you.

– more adventure
– more quality time
– more choice

You can always comment below or email me too!

*Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

What Is Core De Force? Join FIRST Online Exclusive Launch Group!


The brand new MMA style home fitness program is going to blow you away!!! Check this blog out to learn all about it, be one of the first to grab it with my access & find out how you can have a spot in my upcoming online fitness challenge group!


core de force, beachbody, MMA, home, workout, results, abs, fitness, lose, weight, weightloss, healthy, clean, new, diet, top, coach, Core de Force, Joel, Jericho


I’m still accepting applications for challengers wanting to join me in my next online challenge group!! PERFECT TIMING because you can grab this program, commit to the 30 days & have your RESULTS before the holiday! Keep reading for info & application attached.

Core de Force, core de force, MMA, mixed martial arts, home workout, home, fit, fitness, Joel, Jericho, results. weightloss, lose, weight, abs, new mom, mom, workout, healthy, nutrition, lose, coach, help, challenge, top, coaching


This is SO exciting!! I have been looking forward to this for MONTHS!!!! Beachbody’s brand new home fitness program is launching (through me) on October 31st!!!! Wait until you see the RESULTS people are getting from this program!! Core de Force is a 30 day program that will completely TRANSFORM your body – NO EQUIPMENT needed!

You might be thinking… well… I’m not really an MMA person.. me either!!! But this program is so effective – it really is for everyone.

CORE DE FORCE is packed with the best of MMA-inspired training. In 3-minute “rounds” you’ll get Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay
Thai knee-elbow combinations, bodyweight training, and cardio spikes—all designed to help you lose the belly and shred body fat. Um… hello, who doesn’t want that!?!? The program is designed for you to hit it hard for 3 minutes at a time & give it all you’ve got – then you’ll be done!

I’ve had the opportunity to do 2 different SNEAK PEEK workouts before this launch as well as a LIVE workout this past week – and you can absolutely crush this workout & really sweat it out while you work all different muscle groups. I’m PREGNANT and still having a great workout. The cool thing about this program is… the better you get – the more you can push yourself. So, while there IS a modifier for EVERY SINGLE MOVE – it will also challenge you as you IMPROVE or if you are already athletic!

This program is going to be so effective for people who are looking to start their journey, mix up their routine, come off a plateau, or simply take their fitness to a new level – and shred body fat. The holidays are coming & I am SO excited to be hosting a private online fitness accountability group for all who commit. Think about it – how awesome will it be to achieve your fitness goals while still enjoying all the treats of the holidays – and END the year in better shape than you BEGAN! It’s so backwards & I love it!!!!

Again, I am hosting a private ONLINE EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH GROUP for this 30 day program – and would love for you to be a part of it!! Keep reading if you’re interested!

Core de Force, core de force, MMA, mixed martial arts, home workout, home, fit, fitness, Joel, Jericho, results. weightloss, lose, weight, abs, new mom, mom, workout, healthy, nutrition, coach, help, challenge, top, coaching


CORE DE FORCE is a 30-day countdown to a complete body transformation. Created by Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews, it’s the ultimate mixed martial arts-inspired workout that will eliminate belly fat, really burn those inches off your waist, and carve total-body definition—no equipment required.

CORE DE FORCE isn’t your run-of-the-mill Kickboxing workout. Each move, whether it’s a jab, a kick, or an uppercut, works your core from every angle. This is what makes this program so EFFECTIVE. Joel and Jericho call this 360-Degree Core Training—and it’s more effective than traditional abdominal training to help you tighten up your entire midsection and give you a more defined waist.

Like I said earlier, if you are new to this style of workout – its fine!! There is a little section before each workout – where Joel & Jericho take a few minutes to actually TEACH you the moves, literally… move-by-move. So before you are doing the workout – you get a practice round and can walk through them & make sure you are doing it right – eliminates any confusion!

This type of program really eliminates all the obstacles that can sometimes get in the way of committing to a new workout routine. There is NO equipment required – so if you are working out in a small space OR you need to get started with as little cost as possible – this is plus. The workout program is 30 days long – so you can get it DONE and get your results in a busy holiday month & feel CONFIDENT before all your events. The meal plan is EASY – truly simplified. You don’t have to get a degree in order to understand what you are suppose to eat each day – its all laid out for you. You can take your workout with you – after you purchase your program – you will have the option to stream your workouts online, perfect for TRAVELING!! Honestly, all you have to do.. is PUSH PLAY.

Check this out:

Core de Force, core de force, MMA, mixed martial arts, home workout, home, fit, fitness, Joel, Jericho, results. weightloss, lose, weight, abs, new mom, mom, workout, healthy, nutrition, coach, help, challenge, top, coaching

Let me elaborate on the MEAL PLAN:

If you are familiar with the container system originally from 21 Day Fix – then you know how this works! If thats new to you – basically you are given a SUPER simple color coded container system to measure your food as well as a super easy meal plan that gives you lists of EXACTLY what you can eat each day.

One of my favorite parts of the Core dr Force meal plan is the recipes for REAL PEOPLE FOOD!!! For example: spaghetti squash & turkey meatballs, or how about a BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza!! They make it SIMPLE!

This system ensures you are eating PLENTY of food so you will NOT go hungry and it will make sure you are being FUELED properly for your workouts & for results.

Core de Force, core de force, MMA, mixed martial arts, home workout, home, fit, fitness, Joel, Jericho, results. weightloss, lose, weight, abs, new mom, mom, workout, healthy, nutrition, coach, help, challenge, top, coaching


Everyone. Really.

Like I shared before, there is a modifier for every single move. Also, you can also follow the “Modifier Track” exclusively on Beachbody On Demand (feature coming this winter). That way you can follow the modifier the entire time in split-screen view while you build strength and get up to speed!

There is flexibility to go HARDER in each workout & challenge yourself further. There is room to take it a little easier and still get a great workout in!

Here I am 6 months pregnant working out to MMA Speed!


The workouts are about 30-45 minutes long and you workout 6 days a week with a stretch on the 7th.  The workout program is 30 days in length.

There are 8 workouts in the program

MMA Speed-  Upper body and core focused boxing influenced workout. (27 minutes)

MMA Shred- Muay Thai inspired elbow and kicks for total body shred. (37 minutes)

MMA Power- Uses explosive and defensive style movements in this fast paced cardio conditioning workout (47 minutes)

MMA Plyo- Core De Force is an MMA style home fitness program that will transform your entire body in 30 days.   When you combine boxing, Muay Thai and plyometrics in one workout you get a huge calorie burn and RESULTS. (47 minutes)

Power Sculpt- Total body burner that uses explosive power and interval training to lean and sculpt.  (37 minutes)

Dynamic Strength- Low on impact but high on intensity. (47 minutes)

Active Recovery- Recharge for the week ahead with this rest day that focuses on form and technique to help fight fatigue and sore muscles. (21 minutes)

Core De Force Relief- A quick 5 minutes stretch before bed session. (5 minutes)

Team Beachbody Exclusive MMA Mashup– All the best Core De Force moves in one workout. You get this bonus workout by having me as your coach!  (26 minutes)

Core Kinetics- A unique core workout inspired by Mixed Martial Arts movements.

5 minute Core on the Floor- the ultimate core finisher- 5 minute challenging plank movements that gets your abs on fire.

If you want to keep going & take your fitness to the next level after your first 30 days you can get these 3 additional advanced workouts too:

Agility Strength- combines fast footwork drills with body weight resistance to help improve coordination and blast major calories.  (9 rounds- 37 minutes).

Agility Power- Grab your agility ladder and rip through multifunctional training that ignites every muscle and helps shred fat for serious definition (6 rounds-27 minutes).

MMA Kick Butt- This workout is meant to target your legs and butt with nonstop mix of powerful kicks and calorie burning conditioning spikes (9 rounds- 37 minutes).

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Core De Force has a bunch of options.  The one that I recommend is the Core De Force Challenge Pack because it comes with everything you need to be successful with this program, and you get a price break when you buy it bundled like this.  It comes with the entire Core De Force workout program, nutrition guide, program manual, Shakeology, access to me as your coach, a free 30 day trial of streaming your workouts with Beachbody On Demand, the discounted price and shipping. This is what RSVPs you & gives you entrance into my Launch Group where I coach you personally, help you to create a food plan that meets your needs, share tips & motivation as well daily accountability .. which is the MOST important piece so that you actually FINISH this program with amazing results – instead of just sticking the program on a shelf somewhere.

The Challenge Pack is $140 on sale with me – starting October 31st through November 2016.



Core De Force will be available on the 31st of October to customers of Team Beachbody coaches.  I’m EXCITED to be your coach!! If you do not have a coach already, just sign up with me so that I can officially be your coach and help you from start to finish through the program! It’s easy to do. Here is your link to create your Free Team Beachbody Account. This will make sure I am linked to you in the Beachbody system.

Last thing you have to do is fill out the application below to be considered for a spot in my Core De Force Launch Group. I will email you details about my group after you fill this out. This form helps me to make SURE you get the support and accountability you need to start and finish the program.

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This is the most important piece of the puzzle. This group + my coaching + the accountability you will receive is what makes ALL the difference – it’s what will ensure you have an AWESOME experience AND you get amazing results. Do you know what happened after I bought my first Beachbody program? It SAT ON A SHELF FOR TWO YEARS until I found a challenge group to plug in to & be held accountable in. It made ALL the difference to have people working on their fitness goals right along with me! Don’t be me! HAHA!! Don’t grab this program & let is collect dust. Hop in to this group with us! I really am EXCITED to help you!!! I will be there for you every step of the way!

It’s NEVER going to be perfect timing. But I can tell you one thing, making the DECISION to START can often be the most important step. You know the saying: it’s the START that STOPS most people. Let’s get you started!! The timing is actually great. End of the year. Holidays. Busy. Pictures. It all makes sense. Get plugged in to a community that will fail you up & HELP YOU as you follow an elite program and a simple meal plan. You matter. Treat yourself that way!

So, what is required of you in my online group? It’s pretty simple: 

  • I require that you participate for the entire 30 days of the program starting on the 7th of November.  Each challenger must have ME officially as their assigned coach.  You cannot already be working with another coach or be a coach yourself.
  • You have to commit to both the fitness program and Shakeology to join the group. No exceptions to this – I am all about your RESULTS – and this is the formula. I’ll get you set up with everything you need when you sign up with me.
  • You must be willing to participate daily in the closed online group. You will log your workouts & your daily food activity. You will have tons of resources to tap into for help.
  • You must be willing to give it your all!  That is the ONE thing I cannot do – I can’t do it for you & I can’t want it more for you than you want it yourself. I will absolutely BE HERE FOR YOU – but it is up to you to DECIDE to do it!I’d love to further connect with you on my Facebook Page! This is a good place to see even more details on the event and upcoming group: Brittany LeGette

    Are you READY??? You in!?!?

    Make sure you fill out the application below to chat details – there is only a limited amount of spots in my LAUNCH GROUP so make sure to get that application done asap!!! You’re going to LOVE this program!! I can’t wait to get to know you better!


New Coach Mentorship Training : Top Coach Accepting Applications

I’m so excited about my New Coach Training!!! I just got home from Coach Summit in Nashville! I was honored to be a presenter again this year – and between that, recognition & spending some much needed FACE-to-FACE time with my team – I was a busy girl!!

Coming home from Summit & getting back to my normal routine and all I can think about is how EXCITING it is to be a part of a community that encourages and supports such personal growth. Some of the coaches on my team made this video for me earlier this year – and THIS is the EXACT reason why I NEED to continue sharing this gift I have. This OPTION for families to tap in to & experience true freedom with!

What a tear jerker this is for me!! LOL!! Because these people are now my FRIENDS!! I genuinely CARE about them, their families, and their happiness.

I want you to know – your life can change. You CAN get healthy. You can learn to love a healthy lifestyle. You CAN create change for your family and those around you. You CAN make a positive impact on others.

I am so excited because I am OPENING the doors to my New Coach Mentorship!!

YEP!! I’m accepting new coaches who want to join my team, Dynasty United, and be mentored by me personally!! I get to pass on some of the BEST tips & practices you can apply to your new coaching business!


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I’m shortening the learning curve so you can go out there and help more people WHILE creating the life that YOU have literally only dreamed about for your family.


I know.

If I weren’t living it out – I wouldn’t believe it either, or I’d at least be skeptical!!!

How many “THINGS” have you seen online? How many promises? Too many right?

This isn’t that.

You aren’t going to SLIP into your bikini after taking a pill.
You aren’t going to hit the “lottery” just by signing up.
Um. No.

I’m going to coach you.
You’re going to do the work.
You’re going to be the HEALTHIEST you have EVER BEEN.
You’re going to have FUN with fitness.
You’re going to help & inspire OTHERS.
And then, my friend, you are going to live the life you’ve dreamed about.

You’re going to work hard for a few years – and create a life that others only dream of. But you did the work – so it’s not a dream anymore!! 😀

In this business, the more people you help & support – the more successful you become. And I am hear to teach you all of it!! 😀

Beachbody is never going to guarantee you any level of success or income by becoming a coach. A coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. But, that’s where I come in. Meet me…. the skill teacher!!

I went from a BROKE – FLUFFY – NEWLY WED – NURSE – to living a life completely debt free, HEALTHY, earning over a million dollars from HOME in three years by helping thousands of people, and I found my own purpose & significance in helping others live healthy lives. I care EVERY MUCH about helping young families!

And… hey… I’M AN INTROVERT!!

So, trust me!! If you want to help people – I can show you how!! Join my team as a new coach!

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I’m accepting new applications for my New Coach Mentorship training thats kicking off. Do you want to join us?


To be considered for one of my mentorship spots, please fill this out:

*This is only for those who are not already coaches and/or working with a coach. Thanks for understanding!



My email is an easy way to ask questions too:

Join me in the COACH MOVEMENT!

Hey! I’m Brittany.  Join me in the COACH MOVEMENT!!

In case you don’t know me yet 😉 I’m an entrepreneur & work full time from home, helping others get healthy & helping others build businesses of their own.

Maybe you found my blog because of our INFERTILITY JOURNEY or maybe you found me randomly on YouTube or Pinterest or Facebook – either way, I want to tell you a little more about what it is I DO and what I’m PASSIONATE about!


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We are a part of what I like to call the // COACH MOVEMENT // & I want to invite you to join us!

My online challengers are better able to ACHIEVE their health & fitness goals with my help as their coach. They receive state of the art fitness programs, complete meal plans, elite nutrition, daily support, accountability, and a wing-girl to just help them on their journey. If you’re ready to tackle some personal goals – I’m ready to help you!

My team of coaches are independent entrepreneurs. We all partner with the amazing network & products of Beachbody – and we help our challengers GET RESULTS. That is what our business is built on. As your mentor, I get to show you how I’ve created a 7 figure business in 3 years time. I get to show you how I’ve been able to reach & help thousands of people, all from home. And I pass it all on to you.

At times I’ve worked my business part-time // other times I’ve been full time. ALWAYS prioritizing my family.

Do you have a smart phone or a laptop? YES?
{then you have a business!}

So here is what I’m getting at. I set a goal 3 years ago to help women in all seasons of life, to help military families focus on something positive during deployments & increase their financial standing, and to create financial freedom for MY fam-bam BEFORE we started a family.

I am proud to say I AM LIVING THAT OUT.

I’m an ambassador, though. I NEED to pay this forward! It’s my PASSION to bring others into this gift & show them how to dominate!!


So this is how you get started. This is how you join the COACH MOVEMENT. Pick one of these three:


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I’m looking for 2 groups of people:

I’m looking for 10 who are simply READY to pursue wellness in their lives with home workouts, clean eating, and online coach support from me. If you are just ready – I want to help you. We will find the PERFECT program for you & get you all set up for my upcoming online fitness challenge.

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I am committed to mentoring you. 

I’ll teach you HOW to:

-Create a business where you get PAID to be YOU and share your journey. As you transform from the inside – out & share that, others will be drawn to you & ready for your help!

-How to create a mobile business! Like I said, if you have a phone, you have a business. ALL you gotta do is want to HELP people.

-I will pass on all my systems and strategies to build a 6 figure business from a TOP 10 team in the company!

Everyone wonders if you have to fit a certain CRITERIA in order to be a successful coach. Trust me. You don’t. I’ve mentored COUNTLESS entrepreneurs & I KNOW what it takes to succeed. You do not have to be super fit or super knowledgeable about the fitness industry. You need to be a real person, on YOUR own journey, who is willing to come alongside others & help them in THEIR journey.

You do not need a degree or a certification. 

Are you ready for personal freedom? Are you ready to help others? Are you read to live the life that YOU’VE designed for your family?

To recap your three options:

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Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

  • Statement of Independent Coach Earnings which can be found here:


I cannot WAIT to coach & mentor those who are ready for real change in their lives!! I’m here. I’m ready!! Just waiting on you, girl!! LET’s DO IT!!


Our big HAPPY baby cub news!

We have some BABY NEWS!!

After praying for 3 years for our family to grow, countless negative pregnancy tests & many many failed procedures – we are incredibly thankful for this little life & God’s perfect timing!

We weren’t sure how early we wanted to share our news – but we know how powerful it was to have all the love, support & prayers of our friends from all over – through IVF.

We are excited to celebrate this baby bear & continue to share our journey.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every ounce of support & love you’ve shown us! Thank you for continuing to pray!

I cannot think of a better Daddy than you, Loren, for this child & this adventure we are preparing for.
Happy Daddy-to-be day to you!

Come on baby cub 🐻!

We are due: January 17th, 2017

xo, Loren, Brittany & Baby Cub

… if you’d like to read our IVF story – it’s HERE.

IVF, fertility, infertility, pregnancy, fit pregnancy, family, new mom, healthy, baby, pregnant

My IVF Cycle – every detail I could remember!

I wish I would have found a blog like this before I started my IVF cycle.

You know, one of those blog posts with just a liiiiiiittle too much information. It would have helped me feel a little more prepared.

Let me preface this with – I’m a licensed nurse. Timing of medication & needles – they are kind of the norm… it doesn’t freak me out. But even for a medical veteran – this is a lot of stuff all at once.

IVF is all about timing. All of it. Your life is run by a strict calendar, a timer & an alarm.

I would tell you it’s also about trusting the process – even though you are WELL AWARE of what could go wrong.

You’re suppose to stay on top of every appointment, pill, injection, and procedure – and somehow stay very well rested, hydrated and not AT ALL stressed out.

Side Note {rant}: if you’re reading this & you are NOT the IVF patient. Word of advice…. the very last thing you should EVER share with an IVF patient is how your sister-in-law’s boss’ cousin also had trouble starting their family – but FINALLY – when they just “let go of control and stopped worrying about it”… it just happened.


Straight smile emoji face.

For the love of tacos. Please. Do not say that to your IVF patient friend. She is already second guessing every decision they make. Even when they have spent TONS of time praying through this and seeking wisdom… even when they know this is the right step for their family – they question if somehow they are acting too fast (even after YEARS of “letting go of control”) or maybe this isn’t the right thing to do.


Don’t tell her to “stop thinking about it so much” or worse “stop trying so hard.”


Please don’t say that to her. Tell her about your experience PERSONALLY. And share whatever words you have that are going to show her that you support her, are praying for her, and know that in God’s perfect timing & in God’s perfect way – she is going to be so blessed with a child… and hey, while you’re at it – how about commending her for her bravery. Trust me, no one would CHOOSE IVF if there were another equally best option for her family.
IVF can be scary. On a lot of different levels. Be a support. Be positive. Know she did her due diligence before coming to this decision. And after all, this is her family. She needs your support – or she needs your silence.

End rant 🙂 All of those comments, I choose to believe they come from a GOOD place – a place that isn’t MEANING to stir up more doubt in her mind. But they do.


IVF, fertility

My goal in this blog is to share my journey – from one important event to another – and to pass on a few things that really helped me along the way.

Quick recap in case you don’t know our story: my husband & I have been trying to start a family for about 3 years. We tried Femara & timed intercourse for a long time. Didn’t work. After he got back from deployment – we started testing. All was pretty much normal. We moved on to IUI (intrauterine insemination) – they put the sperm IN the uterus so that it is as close to the egg as possible when it drops. We did this 4 times – 5 procedures in all – these procedures include pills, injections, timed procedures and DAILY suppositories for weeks (yea… not fun). All 5 of those failed for us.

We moved on to IVF.

We paid – out of pocket – in full. And let me tell you how intense that is. So, when I say you wouldn’t CHOOSE IVF unless it was the BEST way for you to start your family, I mean it!!! {I know women who find JOBS at places like STARBUCKS etc JUST BECAUSE their insurance covers fertility treatments like IVF… supposedly}. I feel grateful every single day that God gave me my business & allowed me & Loren to PLAN for this kind of “unplanned expense” in our life. Everyday I’m thankful I didn’t have to choose between a baby & a loan.

HOW IT STARTS {my version anyway}:

When you start your period – you begin birth control.

Opposite Day! RIGHT!!?

I’ve been OFF of birth control for YEARS because I’m trying to HAVE a baby not prevent one! LOL!!! The irony.

You are taking birth control because you have to SHUT THOSE OVARIES DOWN. They can’t be doing ANYTHING on their own. You are about to pump your body full of incredible medications that WILL help your body produce these eggs – and the timing must be PERFECT.

So those ovaries need to be silent.

Once you finish your active birth control pills – its go time.

I had a massive migraine after a couple days of birth control – full on throwing up, no one make a sound, I can’t open my eyes kind of migraine. It lasted a full day. And it never came back.

The Fertility and IVF world call this “STIMS”

You are now stimulating your ovaries. Think of it this way: you are taking your normal ALMOND size ovaries – and you’re about to grow them to the size of ORANGES. Yup. You feel it. In any NORMAL month in a NORMAL woman’s body – she produces ONE egg.

You’re about to produce WAY more than that. It varies depending on a LOT of things… (age, PCOS, hormone levels, dosage of meds, etc) but my body produced about 16 follicles (they hold the egg) and I had about 8 eggs.

IVF, fertility



I started Follistim & Menopur injections first. These are 2 stimulating medications. Sub-Q, meaning you pinch an inch around your mid-section and stick the short little needle in. Menopur burns. Icing the area before Menopur helped me a ton. I also ordered a big pack of HAND WARMERS from Amazon & stuck those right on my waistline after my injections. It helped a little. Numb with ice. Follow up with heat.

During the STIMULATION phase you are going to your doctor frequently. For me, this was every other day for an ultrasound & bloodwork. They need to be sure your ovaries are responding to the medication (almonds to oranges, remember) and they have time to adjust medications or lower dosages if needed & not have to interrupt the entire IVF cycle.

By the 4th day of stimulation – I had 6 follicles in the left ovary & 7 in the right. So, as you can see, they don’t mess around.

On the 6th day, I added Ganirelix to my injection protocol. So, now, we have 3 pokes each morning.



Your ovaries are doing their thing. You are producing lots of follicles (follies) which hopefully contain eggs. But… they need more time to grow and mature. The Ganirelix makes sure you don’t ovulate too soon – before the egg retrieval, that would be a huge bummer. This new drug makes sure your ovaries hold on to those eggs and let them cook a little longer 🙂

You continue your frequent ultrasounds – where they measure your follies each time. When they have grown to a certain size – your doctor will then schedule your egg retrieval. You will be told WHEN to inject a new drug – your trigger shot, mine was Ovidrel. This is usually 36 hours before egg retrieval. It helps your follies to release your egg(s).

My follicles were the size they wanted at about 9 days of stimulation & my egg retrieval was schedule for 10 days after I started stimulation.


I used this tracker to keep me sane with all my appointments, notes, and the timing of medication. Feel free to use it.

IVF, fertility, infertility, medication, tracker, chart

I used an icepack before Menopur & a hand warmer heat pack afterwards. I gave my Menopur, Follistim & Ganirelix injections all around the same spot – and rotated sections everyday, that way only one are was sore each day instead of three.

Your ovaries go from almonds to oranges in stimulation. You see the difference. Here I am on Day 1 of Stimulation and then on the right was 11 days later after egg retrieval. You be bloated & poofed out big time; well I was.

IVF, fertility, stimulation

I grabbed a little box at Target for all my medications & supplies. I hated having all my stuff all over the house – and it got awkward when someone dropped by & I hadn’t told many people about all of it.

IVF, fertility


It was a bummer when the Follistim pen ran out of medication in the cartridge – but you didn’t get your full dose of medicine in the first injection. You get an extra poke on those days. Not as scary as it sounds. My video above shows how easy this is.

IVF, fertility



I was sedated for my egg retrieval. Loren was able to go WITH me – which was a giant miracle in itself. No food or drink from midnight the night before – usual surgery prep stuff. We got to the clinic before anyone in the normal office was there. We waiting in the dark waiting room for about ten minutes. And an IVF nurse came down to get us.

From there it was all pretty basic and smooth.

Change into hospital gown + hair net + booties

Take vital signs

Start IV + fluids

IVF, fertility

Then they took Loren to do his part 🙂 and give a fresh sample. Because as soon as they retrieve my eggs – they fertilize the healthy ones.
They took me back, my fav doctor was doing my retrieval, so I never felt nervous. Just excited. The last thing I remember is them asking me to “SCOOT OVER” from my pre procedure gurney to the procedure bed… and then apparently I was out. The procedure itself is quick – probably 15 minutes.
The next thing I remember is being back in that waiting curtain room & waking up feeling loopy in all my hair net glory. Loren was there – but I felt like I came out of the anesthesia WAY quicker than my wisdom teeth (probably because the procedure took a quarter of the time). I had a tiny tiny bit of cramping. No pain.

I was given all these instructions and was told I had to lay very low for the next couple days. They kept saying… you know… watch movies… don’t cook… don’t drive… They gave me Tylenol #3 for the “pain” – but I never had any & never took any. They retrieved 8 eggs and fertilized them all that day. The embryologist would call me with a report the next day. I started my antibiotic, Doxycycline, the day of the retrieval when I got home too – its just a prevention measure.

All in all -for me, the egg retrieval wasn’t a big deal. I felt uncomfortable – but that was happening because of stimulation and my ovaries being so ginormous. No pain.

The embryologist called me the next day & told me 6 out of the 8 embyros fertilized normally! YAY embabies!!



This is where my body felt the most uncomfortable. After egg retrieval, I laid low for a few days, and then I was back to normal. I wasn’t doing any workouts that involved twisting or anything too intense at all. I have a vivid memory of Loren & I walking out of a movie – and just the walking motion was pulling on my pelvis so much it was very uncomfortable. It felt like a mix of having a really full bladder kind of discomfort and a strained muscle. It was odd. And it lasted about a week or so. My doctor did an ultrasound to be sure I didn’t have OHSS – overstimulation & fluid in my pelvis – I did not. My ovaries were just taking a while to go back down, apparently.

The day after egg retrieval I started Progesterone injections & Estradiol patches.

IVF, fertility

The stimulation injections are NOTHING. Progesterone is an intramuscular injection. Thats the daddy of all injections. And it’s an OIL… so its thick. Lucky me, I did these injections myself. Loren had to leave town again. If you need help or tips with this – just let me know.

It does take a level of crazy to stab yourself with such a long and giant needle – at an odd angle into your booty – every morning – and push OIL into your muscle…. I like to think its part of what will make me a good momma 😉 Dedication. ha.. It’s not so bad after a little while, trust me. If you can have someone else do it – go that route. If you’re a crazy nurse – you can get it done yourself.

IVF, fertility

I didn’t ice my booty before Progesterone because its an oil – and I felt like that may make it even tougher for the oil to get into the muscle. I warmed the syringe of Progesterone by holding it for a little while in my hand – stabbed myself – and then grabbed a hand warmer and kept it on my booty for more of the day.

Injections into your muscle every single day – the soreness & some bruising is going to come, eventually. I think this routine helped me to hold off on the soreness for a while, though.

I ate some specific foods during this time & to prepare for egg retrieval. I don’t think its that important though. I believe when God is going to create a life – He’s going to do it. BUT… I am a science geek and if anything i do is going to possibly help – well then, I’m going to do it. So I did acupuncture twice weekly & I visualized + I meditated every day. I’ll share more on that soon.

IVF, fertility


Was about 5 days after my egg retrieval. Felt like an IUI. Not a big deal. Set up like a pap smear. I had to have a super full bladder – helps with proper placement of the embryos. They brought me into the same little waiting curtain room. Then eventually into the procedure room. I met the embryologist. My fav doctor, again, was going to be doing the embryo transfer. We transferred 2 of the BEST embryos – and froze the other 3. {I felt so good about this number because I was VERY conflicted in the decision making process of all of this – I worried I would have 30 embryos to freeze or something – lol, I had no idea. 3 is good}.

IVF, fertility



IVF, fertility

So they had me on the table. I felt fine. They confirmed my name about a bajillion times 🙂 This is the RIGHT MOMMY and the RIGHT EMBRYOS at the RIGHT TIME haha… they put my 2 embabies on a big TV screen and the embryologist showed me each of them & my name next to them & he told me what grade they were. 4AA & 1CC I think.



The embryologist brought the embryos into the room and gave them to the doctor. {All I could think of is PLEASE DON’T DROP THEM!!! haha} The doctor put in a little catheter up into my uterus and with an ultrasound over my tummy – I watched the little white flash on the screen as the embryos went into the correct spot. The embryologist took the catheter back into his little secret room – and runs a little test to be sure they embryos didn’t get stuck on the side of the catheter or anything & actually made it into my body. The white flash we see on the ultrasound is actually the fluid – the embryo is much too small to see.


IVF, fertility


All was good and they wheeled me out. My bladder was super full now – but I had to lay flat for 30 minutes. That was probably the most uncomfortable part of the whole procedure 🙂 ha! They gave me a picture of our embryos & the petri dish that they grew in. (Awwwwwww!!!!)

IVF, fertility


People in the fertility world may call you PUPO now (pregnant until proven otherwise). I wasn’t really down with that. BUT… you do have to make every decision based on the fact that you ARE pregnant – for the safety of your embryo.

Loren was gone now – so I drove myself home & was suppose to be on pretty strict bedrest for a day or so. Well, my puppy decided to start her first heat cycle that same day – of course! 😛 So… I stuck to bedrest – but there were a few more ups than I would have liked – gotta do what you gotta do!

2 days after my embryo transfer I had another giant migraine & non-stop vomiting. This was bad. Loren was gone. I don’t really get migraines – before these couple, I had maybe 2 in my whole life. But HORMONES and HEADACHES just kind of go together. It was bad. For about 12 hours… bad. And then… It turned to a dull headache for 3 days – and then it was back to my normal dull headache every so often throughout the day. No more migraines since then.

IVF is crazy.


Depends on your clinic & your doc – but after your transfer you are just kind of on your own until your first blood draw. This is new because you are used to going to your clinic every other day. You do your Progesterone injections & change your Estradiol (estrogen) patches every other day… and take good care of yourself.

You probably FEEL pregnant because you have been pumping your body full of pregnancy hormones for WEEKS now – but you just don’t know. You have cramping – but you’ve just been through many procedures & your ovaries may still be giants.

I visualized.
I meditated.

I didn’t acupuncture anymore – but it was because I felt more PEACE in not having ANOTHER appointment to try and get to.

My chest was ULTIMATELY sore right after transfer – and never stopped.
I felt insane fatigue that week of transfer – and never stopped.

There is so much that any IVF patient could choose to complain about – but for me personally, I choose to only tell my husband about the negative stuff. I know what a privilege it is for us to be doing this. Yea, some people NEVER have to worry about any of this – but some people do. Either way, the purpose is for a child – and that is worth it. So protect your mindset & positivity – because that is EVERYTHING.

We will know a little more about our official outcome from this first IVF cycle shortly. I’m sure I will be sharing here and on Facebook.


Thanks for your support & encouragement.
Most of all, I hope this helps someone. I hope this relieves a little bit of the uncertainty stress.

And I hope for many squishy faced babies in all of our future.

I will DEFINITELY share my visualization, meditation & playlist of songs that I listened to on the way to every single IVF/fertility appointment. Promise. Thats coming.


Our Infertility Journey – ready to talk about it.

I’ve dreaded this blog for years. I mean, I share my life on social media – but this, this felt too close to home. We’re ready though. I’m finally ready to talk about infertility.

I always knew I wanted to share – I just didn’t know when – and I was {am} worried that I will say the wrong thing. I’m worried I won’t do a great job representing the true challenge this journey can be for most – and in the same way I don’t assume I am some kind of spokesperson for the families in the world dealing with infertility.

So, give me grace, please!! This is just our journey.

Loren {my husband} & I have been trying to start a family for about 3 years {not including a deployment}. We’ve tried just about everything now. I’ll fast forward through the normal “trying” stories and skip to early 2015. I always knew at SOME point I would share this journey. So I have some video to share in here too – I think it helps put the timeline together – for me at least.  🙂

For those of you who don’t know me – super quick intro. I’m Brittany. I’m a Christian – and I love & trust Jesus. I just turned 31 in March of 2016. I’m married, my handsome husband’s name is Loren. He’s in the military. I’m an entrepreneur {retired nurse} and work from home. I’m an optimistic person. God gave me that. I’m not sure how much to get into my past – but it was a rocky childhood / young adulthood. I married my best friend, Loren when I was 26 – and moved from FL to CA the day after our wedding so he could continue a training program there. It was fun. We LOVED being young & married. The lifestyle I was thrown into was hectic, to say the least – so the plan was always “to wait a few years before having children.”  ….. as if it was our choice 😉

Fast forward a year or so into our marriage – and we knew we were open & ready to consider starting a family. We didn’t stress about it… Just was a fun new season of life, not to worry about it & look forward to expanding our family. That went on for a while. Then came timing, calendars, ovulation predictors, charting, etc. We did that for a year or so – because, man, we are HEALTHY!! 🙂

I’m a nurse. I know sometimes this stuff just takes time. I ‘knew’ not to worry.

Then deployment came & I think for me, reality set in that every year he was going to be MIA for quite some time. We would be limited in the time we had to get pregnant. I told myself when he came back I would make sure to take this a little more seriously – at this point we had been trying for 2 years.

Before he got back to the states – I went to my OB – total check up – totally fine. My OB started me on Femara – low dose, 1 a day for days 3 through 7 of my cycle. This would help make sure my body was producing a follicle (or two) & an egg to ovulate. Loren got back home. I was on the medication. We tried that for 3 months as instructed.


So, I knew I needed to be sure everything was ok from a fertility standpoint. I went in and met the doctor’s at The Jones Institute, here in my neighborhood {lucky me}.

infertility, IVF, IUI, fertility

I had an HSG – normal. {early 2015}

That’s an acronym for hysterosalpingogram. It’s just an x-ray procedure that shows whether the fallopian tubes are open & unobstructed and if the inside of the uterus is normal. Normal baby house.

{PS: always, always, always – bring a book to all these fertility appointments!! Work on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT!! I recommend: The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell – to start!

[PSS: I don’t get a kick back there]


Now it was Loren’s turn 🙂 You can google what guys do – but it was pretty simple and all was fine. He had a SMALL “less than perfect” result on his analysis – but definitely not abnormal. Doc said that the value could vary between test samples. He had repeats after this – and all was normal.


So, all this to say – we have “UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY.”
{I know… there is probably no such thing… but that’s the word on the street}

Next step?


They said with almost 3 years of trying – there is no sense in doing TIMED baby making anymore – we’ve done that. A. LOT.


So, next step is I.U.I. {November 2015}


Here is a quick lesson for you: 

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the placing of sperm into a woman’s uterus when she is ovulating. IUI is usually done in conjunction with ovulation stimulating drugs.
YouTube has a ton of intense demonstrations if you’re curious – haha!

Basic run down for each IUI for me:
Start Monthly Cycle
Day 3 : Start higher dose Femara {to ensure follicles are forming w/ eggs inside}
Have ultrasound on Day 13ish to be sure follicles are there AND also that there aren’t too many {no octuplets}
Day 13 : usually in evening – inject “trigger shot” of Ovidrel – which just makes SURE I actually ovulate {release the egg}
Day 14ish : go into office
– doc will place a thin catheter and put Loren’s sample {frozen or fresh} right inside the uterus for when the egg drops.
Wait 2 weeks {torture}
If Monthly Cycle doesn’t start – take home pregnancy test
If cycle starts – rinse & repeat.


infertility, IVF, IUI, fertility

Let me pause from the procedure talk.

The REASONS Loren & I didn’t share this info sooner …..

1. We have UNEXPLAINED infertility & we are a HEALTHY couple. I thought maybe 1 or 2 IUI’s… and we will be pregnant. We can wait & then tell the WHOLE story…. yay!
2. The news of failed IUI after failed IUI was so disappointing – I truly didn’t want anyone else to have to go through a similar disappointment for us – we have some AMAZING friends & family & I knew how sympathetic they’d be.
3. It got harder to share the deeper we were into our fertility journey – where do I start?! It’s not really coffee talk.
4. 99.9% of our friends and family are expecting or LOVING their new members of their families. Infertility is a GIANT bummer – and we didn’t want to take away even a SINGLE OUNCE of their joy – because we know our friends would absolutely feel a little bit for us… and even that was too much to us.

5. Some of our close friends JUST went through IVF {successfully – YAY!!} what are the STATISTICAL ODDS that we would TOO!? Slim… right!?! {wrong!!!}
6. Loren & I are positive – optimistic people & most importantly, we trust God’s plan whole heartedly. I just am not sure I was going to be able to protect my mental energy (and positive energy) if I had to talk about it more often/answer questions. I hope that makes sense & doesn’t sound snotty.

So, why now?

Well, hindsight is everything right!? I don’t regret keeping this between Loren & I {and my sister} 🙂 – but I now know our reality. I also know how DIFFICULT it is to find uplifting/positive people going through fertility issues. I now know how common infertility is & how awkward it is to talk about. So, I decided to be one more voice.

Also, my husband serves – and I cannot talk about his career – basically ever. It takes up a BIG part of our everyday lives {mentally, emotionally & physically}. Infertility grew to be the BIGGEST part of my daily schedule {timing of EVERYTHING} and daily thoughts. Virtually ALL my energy is geared towards a sweet & healthy baby. I share my life on social media. I found myself not being able to talk about the two most important things in my life – and it just got to the point where I felt like I had to be VAGUE about everything – and eventually… I didn’t feel like myself anymore.

I’m not sad. We are SO hopeful. We are positive!!! I just needed to be able to be open about it – when I want to talk about it. This is a part of my story, now.

I needed to tell even one woman, that I can relate to how she’s feeling.


SO…. I type.

Here we go {videos below}:
  • December 5th, 2015: IUI #1 – I responded perfectly to fertility medication. Follicles where mature & uterine lining thick. Doc inseminated frozen sperm.

…. failed


  • December 30th, 2015: IUI #2 – I responded perfectly to fertility medication. Follicles where mature & uterine lining thick. Doc inseminated fresh sperm.
  • December 31st, 2015: IUI #2b {same cycle} – next day doc inseminated frozen sperm.

…. both failed


  • January 23rd, 2016: IUI #3 – I responded perfectly to fertility medication. Follicles where mature & uterine lining thick. Doc inseminated frozen sperm.

…. failed


  • February 22nd, 2016: IUI #4 –  I responded perfectly to fertility medication. Follicles where mature & uterine lining thick. Doc inseminated fresh sperm.

…. failed

… and the big wrap up followed by our exciting next steps!! 

I am really looking forward to sharing my journey – but more than that, I’m looking forward to sharing what we learn through it all – what helps us – and how God is working. Obviously, we are PRAYING for God to give us a healthy baby after all of this. We would be so grateful if you’d join us in praying for God to move & provide!! We know He’s a GOOD, GOOD, Father & we are loved by Him.

NATIONAL INFERTILITY AWARENESS WEEK is April 24th – April 30th.  { <— click that link to read more}
1 in 8 couples (or 12% of married women) have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.

A couple ages 29-33 with a normal functioning reproductive system has only a 20-25% chance of conceiving in any given month.

These are facts from THIS SITE – go read more if you’re a fact-lover, like me.

Next up:

Thoughts on acupuncture & chiropractors for fertility
Homemade TRACKERS 
Extra supplements
Tricks for heat & ice {from a nurse -turned- patient}

& Fertility Playlists…

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for reading & being a listening ear 🙂 

Brittany & Loren

I’m on SnapChat, Facebook, YouTube & IG – all brittanylegette names 🙂 Would love to connect & hear your story!


— a few honest thoughts after our 3rd failed IUI:

infertility, IVF, IUI, fertility